Coming January 2021

Reach Your Soccer Dream

We all dream it. Soccer stardom. For most, that dream fizzles when the going gets tough. You know you can be a star but have no idea what comes next or what to do next.
The Soccer Dream provides guidance/mentorship and affordable professional resources to all youth soccer players who have the ability, desire, and motivation to be elite level soccer players and are willing to put in the work necessary to succeed.

We will provide technical skills sessions, sports psychology workshops, guest speakers, Q&A's, etc.


Michael Farfan- Former MLS ALL STAR & LIGA MX player
Gabriel Farfan- Former MLS & LIGA MX player
Stephanie Ochs- Former NWSL & W-League(AUS)
Partners- Licensed Sports Psychologist, Meditation/Mindfulness Expert, Elite Strength & Conditioning Coach, Experienced Soccer Parents


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-Ages: 11+
-Aspirations of playing at a high level
-Committed to improving

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Osvaldo Ramirez


"I met Gabe when I first arrived in Mexico just starting my career on theĀ youth team at Chiapas Jaguar. It was the best thing that could haveĀ happened to me. He took me under his wing, and gave me the confidence IĀ needed to be focused on my craft. He took me into his home and gaveĀ me the advice that I needed. If it wasnā€™t for him, I donā€™t think that I would haveĀ the confidence I have in myself today. Because of him IĀ didnā€™t feel alone being in a foreign country. I am proud to say that I haveĀ Gabriel as a mentor. Not only because of his great career but because of hisĀ friendship. ItĀ is truly a blessing!"

Moore Family


"We are a military family and our last move was in the middle of my oldest son's sophomore year. Due toĀ covid-19 he missed an entire soccer season and I saw his self-confidence deteriorate. I was desperate to find something that could regain his spirit and enthusiasm for the game. This is where I reached out to Gabriel Farfan for help with his mental game. Gabriel fostered a trusted relationship with David and quickly identified some previous bad coaching approaches that were weighing him down. Gabriel helped restructure his thought process & approach to missed opportunities or mistakes in a game.Ā I have seen my son go from being defeated to learning to strategize and learn from his mistakes post game.Ā I see my son confident, stronger, & more focused than I've ever seen him before.Ā 
As parents we want the best for our children but I understood I had limitations to my influence onĀ my child. Gabriel is able to use his professional soccer experiences to connect with each child at a level I would never be able to do in order to help him grow as a player. We are extremely grateful for the results! GabrielĀ is by far the best of the BEST coach!"

Christian Roldan

Seattle Sounders player

"Mike's soccer IQ is world class, he understands and reads the game at such a high level.Ā  I've been fortunate enough to play alongside him and implement some of his habits and tendencies into my game. He can be a huge help to any young aspiring soccer player that wants to grow as a footballer."

Jordan Morris

Seattle Sounders player

ā€œMike is a super gifted player. His technical ability on the ball is extremely special and something that I always aspired to get better at from watching him. He has a great soccer mind and would be a very valuable resource for kids and their developmentā€

John Hackworth

Head Coach Louisville City FC

"From the moment I first started coaching Gabe on the US under 17 menā€™s national team, I could tell that he had a love affair with the soccer ball. His technical ability and creativity separated him from other extremely talented players of his age. Fast forward approximately 10 years later when he was playing for me in the MLS at the Philadelphia Union and his love affair with a ball was still evident with every touch. Throughout my time with Gabe I remember I would often ask him how he pulled off such a unique trick, an unbelievably soft touch or weight a pass with such accuracy. That kind of technical ability only comes from hours upon hours of self discovery between a player and a ball."

Alessandro Nesta

2006 World Cup Champion

"Gabri is one of the only americans I've coached who can read the game while playing, without having to think."